"Compliance Your Way" with 319 InSight

319 InSight is a cloud-based compliance automation solution that has been engineered in all aspects as a fully reconfigurable platform, providing significant advantages to any organization. A reconfigurable platform allows for quick, easy and continual modifications to its data capture, users, portals, dashboards and reports as needs evolve, without interrupting business operations whatsoever.  Its unique architecture provides for configuration rather than development; significantly reducing the cycle time to deploy, update and enhance its functionality.

Importantly, 319 InSight conforms to each organization's unique procedures and workflows, providing full process automation and allowing implementation to occur with negligible adoption time needed.

Run a Modern Compliance Department with cutting-edge Software & Services from 319 InSight

319 InSight's proprietary workflow engine is an extremely powerful technology that enables dynamic event-based routing, permissions, notifications, scheduling, prioritizing and tasking. This technology enables workflow processing to occur in parallel pathways, sequential pathways, or even a combination of both throughout the lifecycle of a compliance program. Tasks are achieved faster and more efficiently with 319 InSight, while seamlessly matching traditional offline behavior.

Its automated, in-line decision mechanisms greatly reduce workload, increase throughput and assure data accuracy. This places fewer demands on administrative staff, allowing compliance responsibilities to be completed with fewer resources and at a much lower cost.

The platform provides for on-going application expansion, which reduces acquisition costs and offers a single destination source for all compliance-related activity, maximizing productivity. As additional applications are deployed, 319 InSight generates cross-functional reporting, revealing key business insights and helping leaders make better, more informed decisions.

319 InSight o­ffers expert-guided process engineering services along with each installation, in order to fully optimize business processes and to assure a successful transition to the platform. Each case is approached in a unique manner, so that organizations can make the most out of their past investments, while evolving into a modern, intelligent compliance department.

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Client Feedback

Director of ComplianceQuotation Mark319 InSight has vastly improved the efficiency of our compliance department – it is the only platform I have found that can 100% match our compliance business processes across the globe. All other platforms that we implemented forced us to compromise, thus we removed them from our corporation.

- J.G., Chief Compliance Officer of a Fortune 500 Company

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