319 InSight Compliance Automation Software Pricing

Compliance and Ethics teams are faced with an ever-growing set of responsibilities, yet lack the necessary budgets to keep pace. Team leaders are being forced to be creative in the discovery and implementation of innovative tools to help them run and manage a successful department.

319 InSight has structured its pricing to empower compliance departments across the world to add unmatched value without high overhead costs.

Our model yields extremely low annual prices – tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars less than other systems.

Platform319 by 319 InSight's reconfigurable architecture provides for configuration rather than development; significantly reducing the cycle time to deploy, update and enhance its functionality. This results in very low costs to its users.

Platform319's workflow engine is an extremely powerful technology that enables dynamic, event-based routing, permissions, notifications, scheduling, prioritizing, and tasking. This technology allows for processing to seamlessly match offline behavior, allowing work to be achieved faster, more efficiently, and at a much lower cost. Its proprietary, automated in-line decision processing tools also greatly reduce workload tasks, increase throughput and assure accuracy, resulting in fewer demands on administrative staff.

Notably, Platform319 is a cloud-based platform which substantially reduces adoption costs within organizations. Another advantage of operating as a cloud platform is comprehensive management, maintenance, continual enhancements and upgrades of the system. All of 319 InSight's clients gain these benefits worldwide at a very low cost due to its configuration within the cloud.

Importantly, the platform allows for continual expansion into other applications, which enables Compliance and Ethics teams to maximize productivity, reduce acquisition costs and to employ one single point of responsibility for its business functions.

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Client Feedback

Compliance AnalystQuotation MarkThe 319 InSight staff works tirelessly to support me and our global business sponsors on a daily basis. The flexibility of the system is amazing because our business needs change so often, and modifications are able to be made by 319 so quickly! They are a true teammate and make my job so much easier!

- B.D., Compliance Analyst of a global Oil & Gas Company

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