319 InSight Features & Benefits

319 InSight has thousands of features and functions – all designed to help you run a modern compliance department.  Below is a small sample of key features & valued benefits that 319 InSight delivers.

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Reconfigurable Workflow Engine

319 InSight's reconfigurable workflow engine is a revolutionary and extremely powerful platform technology that enables dynamic, event-based routing, permissions, assignments, notifications, status updates, scheduling, prioritizing, and tasking.  Its reconfigurablity allows for ongoing changes and modifications as new needs arise, without compromising pre-existing data.


Shorten Process Cycle Time

Platform and Network Scalability

319 InSight's proprietary Platform319 and 319 Enterprise Network has been engineered from the ground-up to scale on-demand as needs dictate.  Platform319 is proven and field-tested over 10+ years of installations across the globe.  Its architecture allows for ongoing reconfiguration, and comes complete with a substantial number of business modules that can be turned on as organizational needs evolve.

  Eliminate Illegibility

Custom File Routing, Notification, and Assignment

319 InSight's workflow engine can adapt and account for any type of custom business process that your organization may use.  The event-driven system can be configured to route, notify, and assign to a specific role of people, a custom group of people, a single person, and/or even a person that is created in-line during the process of a questionnaire.

This power holds users accountable for the specific set of work of which they are intended, and does not reveal things that should not be seen to that specific user.  The custom nature of notifications adds a personal touch and allows for messages to be crafted specifically for an intended recipient.

  Minimize Data Collection, Review, and Communication Errors

Parallel or Sequential Processing

319 InSight's technology allows for processing in parallel pathways, sequential pathways, or even a combination of both throughout the lifecycle of a compliance program.  By allowing processing to happen in different methods, tasks can be achieved much faster, more efficiently, and perfectly match offline behavior.

  Gain Business Intelligence

Multi-Role Permissions & Contributors

Contributors to a compliance process can have segregated roles, allowing for different access levels, rights, and responsibilities.  Platform319 additionally enables dynamic role changes throughout the lifecycle of a compliance process, which can be enacted on an event that may occur directly inline and/or due to data analysis.  This feature offers extreme flexibility and processing power to assure contributions are accurate, measurable, and secure to the highest level.

  Identify Key Opportunities

Sponsor-Initiated or Self-Start Project Administration

Compliance projects can be initiated in a variety of ways, depending on the specific needs and goals of the process.  Platform319 offers several "self-start" project administration types, which allows a user to initiate the process with the click of a button, or through an instant registration / activation form.

The system is also architected to offer sponsor-initiated project administration, which allows a 3rd party to kick-off the process on behalf of another person.  These features allow processing to happen in a rapid, simple, and efficient manner, relieving burden on the compliance department.

Self-Start Compliance File

  Reduce Company Risk & Exposure

Multi-Language Support

Platform319 offers full multi-language support, including content management & administration of all portal elements.  This feature can streamline global operations for organizations operating across the world.  Users are in complete control over their language preference.  After selecting their preference, the system will remember and recognize the user's preference and always deliver content in the preferred language.

Multi-Language Compliance File

  Anticipate Future Needs

Data Authentication

319 InSight's data authentication technology ensures all required data is actually completed and validated across all pages, sections, branches, and questions.  A user can run authentication at any time during the process by toggling to the review page.  The review page shows a snapshot of the status of each page within the questionnaire.  If a page is noted as incomplete, a user can click that page and be driven to the missing information.

Data Authentication Technology

  Safeguard Critical and Sensitive Information

Data Auditing

Users that are granted permission to audit a file can do so directly inline within a compliance file.  Status can be set at the page, section, and question level, and notes can be provided to bring clarity to the audit notation.  There are several types of audit notations that can be used, including an entire change request system that can unlock fields, send notification, and invoke a closed-loop communication between a contributor and an auditor.

Data Auditing

  Manage Incidents Efficiently

Dynamic Data Analysis

319 InSight contains a dynamic data analysis engine that enables companies to create custom risk scenarios based on data captured (or not captured) from contributors.  The risk scenarios can be configured to look across one to many fields for specified results, and then assign a point value based on the data captured for that field(s).  Risk levels can be tagged to set a Red Flag.  Depending on the unique needs of the diligence being performed, you may want to set a Red Flag for Medium & High Risk, or whatever best suits the compliance objectives.

  Diminish On-Boarding Time

Employee Workstation & Dashboard

Platform319 Workstation is a comprehensive suite of tools to manage people, companies, compliance files & projects, generate reports, and much more.  Its dashboard shows a view of important notifications, alerts, tasks, and assignments in a consolidated view.

Each employee’s dashboard can be customized to display those parts that are most relevant.  The dashboard is the first view that appears upon logging into Platform319 Workstation.  Dashboard functions are also a product of permissions, such that a manager will have a different access level compared to a down-line staff member.

Platform319 Workstation

  Adapt to Changing Regulations & Requirements

Powerful Push-Button Reporting

Reports can be generated from the employee workstation, including mini and full reports.  Questions can be marked for inclusion in either or both reports, and can even be displayed in a different manner in the report compared to the outward-facing questionnaire.  Administrators can set a custom header and footer of the report to match branding or other guidelines.  The report engine tracks the number of instances and the date/time when a report has been generated for further compliance purposes.  Reports can be generated in multi-languages, as well.  The report can bind together all attachments uploaded into the file, if chosen to.


The Workstation system also contains a full custom report writer to analyze data across one to many applications and across organizational matrices.  Reports can output charts and other widgets that can be plugged into dashboards of the user's preference.

Pie Chart

  Streamline Global Operations

User Management & Segmentation

Platform319 contains a multi-faceted set of technologies to allow for user management and segmentation of permissions, content, functionality, and authority.  Contacts have a complete management system inside of the Workstation system, in order to maintain key contact properties, permissions, roles, groups, and any other custom data sets.  Importantly, the contact management system can be expanded on the fly to collect, display, and report on additional data fields that may be important to the organization.

319 InSight Contact Properties

In 319 InSight's modules, segmentation of permissions, content, functionality, and authority can follow a structured format or can be even configured to change based on the data sets that are collected in-line.  This system feature provides the ultimate in flexibility and automation of key processes.

  Maximize Employee Performance

Single Sign On (SSO) Capability

Platform319 Single Sign On capability allows for Active Directory connections with our standard SSO module.  This enables employees to directly connect without needing to know or use passwords.  Full tracking and audit information is still obtained even if they use SSO for access to the portals and other 319 InSight applications.  The module can be arranged to check for employee updates on a clock, thus dynamically adding/removing access and other important information into the platform.

  Provide Organizational Transparency

Fault-Tolerant, Reliable Cloud Network

Platform319 is subjected to continual audits by large financial and oil & gas companies to assure its uptime, reliability, and security are best-in-class.  It is a high-performance, reliable, flexible, and secure tool to run exceptional compliance departments.

Our networks are fully managed, monitored and professionally audited.  They are high performance, fault tolerant, and highly secure, running within the Amazon Cloud.  Running on top of Amazon assures us the highest level of performance & security and the ability to rapidly expand & support as needed.  Our network use load balanced servers, thus applications will be running on multiple servers at any given moment to allocate resources in the most optimized manner possible.  We manage all security certificates and continually update as security protocols evolve.  With global technology advancements, we continually upgrade our stacks for performance, reliability and security.  These factors guarantee the highest levels of uptime and performance.

  Yield the Lowest Cost of Ownership

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Director of ComplianceQuotation Mark319 InSight has vastly improved the efficiency of our compliance department – it is the only platform I have found that can 100% match our compliance business processes across the globe. All other platforms that we implemented forced us to compromise, thus we removed them from our corporation.

- J.G., Chief Compliance Officer of a Fortune 500 Company

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