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eLearning is a type of online training delivered to individuals on a specific subject matter via text and audio/visual environments. This allows companies to train its employees and/or third parties at any time and from anywhere in the world. Courses typically present the subject matter in a sequential manner, followed by questions that test and score the user's retention of the material. These courses can be used to certify employees and/or third parties in a variety of business matters or legal requirements.

This type of learning is cost effective, high quality, and helps to modernize the workforce. Companies can realize significant cost savings in the implementation and delivery of eLearning courses compared to other training methods. Importantly, an eLearning course provides consistency in its message each time it is taken, unlike a traditional classroom presentation that can be slightly different each time. Also, an eLearning course can improve total efficiencies of the workforce by delivering engaging, customized testing such as gamification to improve retention.

319 InSight eLearning Compliance Solutions

The 319 InSight eLearning Platform solution is comprised of one-to-many portals and an administrator Workstation.

Importantly, courses can run in-line within a questionnaire and/or on-boarding environment, to create a closed loop solution. Courses can be delivered as a result of dynamic information and business logic that can point to specific training needs based on the data sets. This feature is very important as it allows for the appropriate and correct sets of training courses to be delivered to its users based on real-time data entry and dynamic analysis over what should be presented in-line.

As a result, the cycle time to on-board employees and third parties is significantly reduced, while assuring that the training is accurate and beneficial to all parties. It also reduces support costs to the organization while delivering a very high level of satisfaction to its users. The platform allows companies to distribute multi-language training all over the world.

This solution can be configured to have a single or dual tier of distribution. Dual tiers are beneficial if a company's needs require that their third parties have mini learning centers for their employees and/or their own customers and in that they allow a company to customize a course by adding front end and/or back end content onto the course that is specific to its needs.

This system segments reporting and allows administrators to add and manage their own students all within the portal. In addition, the eLearning system can send out notifications and track all student activity. Finally, these eLearning Solutions are scalable to tens of thousands of active students and can handle courses of almost any size.


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Director of ComplianceQuotation Mark319 InSight has vastly improved the efficiency of our compliance department – it is the only platform I have found that can 100% match our compliance business processes across the globe. All other platforms that we implemented forced us to compromise, thus we removed them from our corporation.

- J.G., Chief Compliance Officer of a Fortune 500 Company

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