Custom Compliance Applications

Compliance leaders face a multitude of challenges and opportunities in today's growingly digital world.  These leaders know what they want, but the characteristics of the interactive landscape have created serious challenges.  Leading organizations are adept at leveraging business insights and technological capabilities to drive innovation in business models and across customers, markets, and channels in order to create growth and sustainable advantages.  Harnessing new technology to become more agile and dexterous while optimizing past and existing technological infrastructure investments is a must.

319 InSight has the technology and business acumen to mold your company's desires into real solutions.  Bring us your ideas and let us help shape your organization's future.

Example custom applications have included:

  • Federal Trademark Registration platform
  • IP / Patent Portfolio Management platform
  • Enterprise Vendor Management platform
  • And much more...

Custom Compliance Applications

Platform319 is proven and field-tested over 10+ years of installations across the globe.  Its architecture allows for ongoing reconfiguration, and comes complete with a substantial number of business modules that can be turned on as organizational needs evolve.  Platform319 is used by companies of all sizes to solve a variety of vertical needs.  Functionally, the platform encompasses content management, site / portal reconfiguration tools, and Workstation – the state-of-the-art system for contact management, eMarketing, portal intelligence, process administration and communications.  Platform319 is subjected to continual audits by large financial and oil & gas companies to assure its uptime, reliability, and security are best-in-class.  The platform is a high-performance, reliable, flexible, and secure tool to run exceptional compliance applications.

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Client Feedback

Director of ComplianceQuotation Mark319 InSight has vastly improved the efficiency of our compliance department – it is the only platform I have found that can 100% match our compliance business processes across the globe. All other platforms that we implemented forced us to compromise, thus we removed them from our corporation.

- J.G., Chief Compliance Officer of a Fortune 500 Company

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